lørdag 11. september 2010

Lost, but not forgotten

I put a candle in the night. In memory of the lost on 9/11.
The candle shrouded in darkness is a symbol of hope. Hope alone will not bring justice and peace to the victims and their families. We remember the lost, but we do not forget. We do not forgive!

JUSTICE will be brought upon the guilty and RETRIBUTION must be made.
But what is justice worth, if our freedom was sacrificed to achieve it. Do we not make ourselves the villains we wished to fight?

When thousands are not shackled by laws in order to punish the few, there can be justice. There can be peace, when man meets man through trade and friendship, not through the barrel of a gun. The victims of 9/11 can rest assured on the day, when the West is an ideal and not the enemy.

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