fredag 17. oktober 2008

A Campaign for Liberty

Denne går på engelsk ettersom det er blitt etterspurt av en venn.

After McCain had secured the delegates he needed, it was expected that the last presidental candidate; Ron Paul, would allso suspend his campaign.

He did not.

Ron Paul had throughout the entire campaign stood out from the republican crowd as a different individual with political viewpoints based on strong fundaments.

- Freedom and liberty.
- The Constitution and limited government.

Instead of ending his campaign, he changed it, to become the infamous Rally for the republic, and later the Campaign for Liberty.

Whereas the campaign is still going strongly, endorsing freedomloving congressmen- and women and rating the senators on issues like how they're protecting the constitution, supporting free markets and the liberties of the individual.

The campaign for liberty is still going strong and throughout the states we could read handwritten signs spreading the message of Dr. Ron Paul:

"Dr. Paul cured my apathy"

"Ron Paul Revolution"

"Protect the Constitution, vote Ron Paul"

We have alot to learn from the Campaign for Liberty, and I hope we will

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